Normally, a company has to take a specific minimum level of care of its employees to prevent them from having a death wish every day or from ending up on the street overnight. It’s not just about making sure they are paid, but that they are working in good and safe environments, while also getting the proper care and attention they need as well.

Most companies follow these basic principles quite well and respect Human Rights. But others have decided that the well-being of employees is much less important than money, so they are careful to trample on their rights.

These companies are branches of hell, and I advise you not to sign a contract there one day (unless you want to lose your soul).

1. Walmart

A few years ago, the American hypermarket company was taken to court and had to pay a huge fine for not respecting employee breaks. To put it another way, workers were simply not allowed to take a few minutes to pee or eat. And this is just one of many problems at Walmart. Even the devil must be nicer.

2. Foxconn Technology

Between 2009 and 2011, working conditions in the Taiwanese computer products company were so horrific that nearly 20 employees reportedly attempted suicide. The employees had to work 13 hours a day and the schedules were made in such a way that you would never meet the same people on the work lines (it would be stupid to start making friends with colleagues and become less productive by chatting…). Since then, the problem has been solved: anti-suicide nets have been installed and employees have to sign a document stating that the company is not responsible if they take their own lives. It’s so creepy.

3. The Gig Peeling Factory

It is a Thai processing plant where shrimps are peeled. So far, nothing terrible. Except that a survey in 2015 showed that the company was enslaving migrants. And guess which department stores have finished some of these shrimps? Yes, Walmart. It’s beautiful.

4. Bombardier

Bombardier is a transportation construction company, particularly aeronautics. In 2016, it was the subject of a particularly disgusting scandal. While the company was receiving loans of hundreds of millions of dollarsfrom the state, it laid off more than 7,000 employees while paying exorbitant bonuses to its managers. I don’t know what you call it, but I would say it’s not very nice.

5. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

UPMC is a university attached to a hospital in Pittsburgh, USA. When its employees decided to unionise and one of them said she needed to go to a food bank to feed her children, the company said she would be the first to benefit from the food bank they had just opened. Knowing that the food bank operates thanks to the donations that employees are encouraged to make, we can talk about a nice practice of assholes.

6. Atlas Logistics Group Retail Services

In 2015, when excrement was found on the floor of one of the company’s warehouses, employees had to submit to DNA testing against their will. This was completely illegal. In the end, they filed a complaint and got a lot of money in return. Fortunately, there is justice. I would like to remind you, however, that if you ever feel like it, don’t poop on the floor of your workplace. It’s very dirty.

7. Coal India

As its name suggests, Coal India is a company in the coal sector. It has a reputation for never respecting the safety conditions of its employees. In 2010, 205 of its employees died, many of them due to such failures. As if that wasn’t enough, coal mining sites in India are contributing to the disappearance of the tigers. Poor little tigers. Bunch of monsters.

8. Lonmin

The British mining company has a great deal on its plate since 2012. At an operation in South Africa, underpaid workers rebelled and went on strike. The police considered them dangerous, since they were armed, and shot many of them (34 employees, after all). A few days later, Lonmin threatened the employees who were still on strike with dismissal if they did not stop. It can be said that the mourning period was not really respected.

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