Content is king and based on quality content, you can easily get a permanent place on SERPs. And with more sites and blogs on the internet than ever before, it can be tough to rank and stay ranked at the same time.

When starting a blogging career, one of the first questions you’ll probably have is: “How do I write content that ranks higher on Google?” 

I will discuss the top  tips in this guide that will shed light on creating top-notch content, so you don’t need to worry about it more. 

Tips to write better content that ranks higher in Google

  • Optimize your content for mobile devices. 

Most of the internet users search for their queries via their mobile devices. So, optimizing your content according to mobile devices can be the ranking factor for you. Make sure that your website content design should be responsive and optimized for mobile user experience.

  • Create useful, compelling content. 

Before writing your website content, you must think about user intent. To find out how it works, try it on yourself. 

For example, what kind of SEO guide would you like to read? You would surely want to find a blog that provides good, relevant information related to SEO with appropriate examples and visual guides. And you wouldn’t like to read the theoretical blog without visual aid. Content should be well written, professional, and relevant to your target audience.

  • Think about searcher intent. 

Finding common search terms applicable to your business or market and creating content around those keywords is the perfect way to generate user friendly content. To guarantee that you are delivering material that is relevant to your audience, aim to figure out what searchers are searching for and use your platform to provide it.

Do keyword research before writing.

It is much preferable to use keywords to generate compelling content rather than attempting to renovate keywords into existing content. Create content with keywords as the basis, and web users can have a better usability.

One of the best ways to check where your site is currently ranking in Google, is to use a SERP checker tool like Zutrix. You can learn more about SERP tools and how Zutrix works, through the video below.

Don’t use keywords carelessly.

The keywords you determine for a piece of content should be incorporated into the title, headers, meta summary, URL, and body content. Be sure you use keywords naturally—if you use keyword stuffing to try to exploit the rating of your posts, Google will punish your web.

Make sure the title tags are correct and descriptive.

A title tag informs consumers and online services about the content of a website. Make a distinct, descriptive title for each page of material on your website. Don’t use too many keywords and make it short.

Create an enticing meta description.

Make sure each page on your website has an individual, persuasive meta description that piques readers’ interest and encourages them to click through to your site for the best search results.

Make sure to use header tags.

Most users skim rather than read every word of online content. By providing users with a way to easily browse the web and learn what the site is about, both the user experience and search engine ranking would be improved. Additionally, header tags help display the content structure and emphasize key points.

Make sure your content has links.

One of the most effective ways to boost your search rating is to include the correct kinds of links on your website. To offer additional value to users, include both internal links to other sites on the website and external links to other related material on the internet. Make sure the anchor text is concise so that readers understand what they would get if they clicked the icon.

Be aware of trends, but don’t chase them blindly.

If you can see a dozen popular sites on the same subject, it’s promising to try to get in on the act. Knowing what subjects are trending is useful, but instead of making your own piece of copycat material, try to find your own original take to add genuine value to users.

Final Verdict on Increasing Site Traffic

You can get first place on SERP by following the tips mentioned above. These are one of the best practices followed by most blog writers to write stellar content for their website. If you liked this article do share it and must give your feedback in the comments section.