When it comes to learning from business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s all about looking for the best tools and resources online, while also looking for podcasts and article interviews as well.

No matter what stage of the process you are in, starting and running a business of your own is a big accomplishment that just continues on daily.

To help the many struggling entrepreneurs and would-be business owners in the world today, we’ve decided to share some of the best resources online to simply do better and learn from the success and failures of others.

Here are two great resources to help you get started.

Accelerating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

One thing that entrepreneurs and business owners are really good at, is looking at the coming trends and helping students and new entrepreneur get ready for the world of business and opportunities ahead.

A perfect example of this can be seen with Reza Satchu of Alignvest, who is continually sharing his expertise and skillsets with those around him.

Whether it’s for business, his own personal journey or trying to encourage others, you can find plenty of information, interviews and videos online in reference to what Reza has taught and spoken to others.

Be sure to take a moment to watch one of his latest videos below that focuses on the importance of teaching young entrepreneurs how to train themselves for the journey ahead.

If you enjoyed this content so far, also be sure to follow Reza Satchu through his various academic writings and presentations.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Pushing the Hustle

One of the most common things that entrepreneurs see on a daily basis is people always wanting to be successful and have a business of their own, but also that many of them aren’t willing to put in the time, work and effort.

This is something Gary Vaynerchuk continually talks about and references within his video and podcast content.

A perfect example of this can be seen through his video below on the power of buying products and selling them at higher rates.

What makes the process of flipping so interesting, is that anyone can get started with the business model, but only those who really put in the time and effort to scale it in size will see real results.

In addition to following Gary V on social media, you can also read through his blog to stay updated on all of his courses, videos, podcasts and social media content.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur is Never Done

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it doesn’t matter what step in the process you are of being a small or large business owners, it’s all about getting better and improving your business in time.

The more you learn and read about the success and failures of others, the more likely you are to find success of your own. And with content now being provided in visual and audio form on YouTube and through podcasts, it’s now even easier to consume content on the go.

Be sure to read through each of the expert resources above and see how each of them can be applied to your own daily life and best business practices.