Social media is the hugest milestone of our era, changing everything we know and how we know it over the last decade. Not only has it changed how we view things but also how we market ourselves and products online.

Every day millions of people post pictures, video or go live on the social network, we see and admire how they are able to keep up as we know they must have other responsibilities and jobs prior to being constantly on the internet.

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the next largest collection of humans using this singular platform to change their life and sell their contents. Instagram is the gearing up to be the eighth wonder of the world, with more than a billion people using the network and 500 million on it on every single day; it has ultimately become the most engaging platform than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest put together.

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is like the Trade Fair of Dubai except it’s online. On this platform, you will see all kind of businesses ranging from small, single owned businesses to huge corporation and conglomerate using this network to reach their customers, expand their brand name and sell their products.

If you never knew, 80 percent of account owners on Instagram follow one business of Instagram or another. This has made Instagram the fastest growing social media network and central hub for business and transaction over the internet.

Businesses and influencer in all industries across the globe rely on it to reach out to their customers but to also increase their client base. However, with all these advantages of Instagram, what are the best tools to assist you as you try to create a name for yourself on an already crowded but booming platform.

Well if you are not sure of where to begin, here are some of the best marketing and automation tool to get you started on Instagram.

What are social media automation tools?

Automation tools on social media are tools that assist you to complete various tasks without the intervention of humans. They are like Bots, programmed to carry out the task set by you for you.

That means with automation tools; you can post a picture, share a video or content at particular times when you are too busy to get online. However, with hundreds of tools, which is the best for you, and how do you go about it?

The list below is five of our top marketing and automation tools to jumpstart your Instagram life.


If you are an ardent poster on Instagram or any social media platform, then you might want to try your hands on Buffer. This time-saving tool will allow you to manage all your social media accounts.

Buffer allows you to publish your posts on Instagram, but you can schedule an upcoming post that will go online later when you are busy.

The good thing about Buffer is that it has a simple learning curve – this means newbie can learn the ropes without help. Furthermore, it schedules the right time to post and also comes with customized analytics for your campaigns

With Buffer, Instagram gives you free for your first ten scheduled posts. You can sign up with the software for 10 dollars per month for a total of 10 social media profiles or 100 scheduled posts.

This automation tool is an exceptional marketing tool for business owners and content sellers whose schedules are tight.


This is another excellent automation tool for your Instagram post. Instabow is fairly easy to use and comes with emojis and hashtag support to allow you post content with captions directly from your Dropbox and then schedule it on the day, date and time you want it posted on your profile.

Instabow allows you to post Instagram Stories and also let you manage multiple accounts from one login and shift between accounts flawlessly.


Well, if you are running an online business, it is right to know what is happening when you are not online.

Iconosquare empowers you with insights into your Instagram accounts, hence an excellent marketing strategy to manage your all your accounts 

Other features that make Iconosquare stand out are it has full analytics tools to calculate daily followers, their location, people who unfollow, track your success, and how much people are engaging with your post.

At just under $10, Iconosquare will provide the best hashtags and marketing tactics to boost your online appearance on Instagram and comes with a 14-day trial.


If you are always on the go but still want to manage your social media account, then Sendible is your best marketing and automation tool on the go.

This software allows you to not only schedule and publish contents directly to your Instagram account but allows you to schedule updates, reply your customer’s question through social media inbox, interact with other members of your team and get an up-to-date analytic report of all your activity on Instagram.

Later is another powerful must-have Instagram marketing, and automation tool with over 600 thousand followers and growing. With Instagram user looking to automate more than just their post and video, allows you to manage your comments too, making it an excellent tool for smaller and large businesses alike.

With, users get to schedule 30 posts (not video) during their 30-day free trial and enjoy more after a monthly payment of $10 to manage five accounts comfortably.

Automation tools are software that allows you to live your dream and surpass your marketing target online. With Instagram as one of the most viable commerce center, these tools allow you to analyze consumer behavior, keep tabs on conversation, follow your competition, and build a niche to match your skills.

The above are tools that will change your perception of how your business can grow on Instagram. However, consider your business goals, budget and time spent online before choosing one.