After graduating in 2000, Julia Boorstin began a professional career in journalism. She worked as a news reporter for Fortune Magazine, contributing to the live market wrap segment of CNN Headline News. Julia is a highly regarded business analyst and media personality. Julia can be found in a number of television and print media outlets.

Her social media pages include Twitter and Facebook. This is her most recent work, and it’s not surprising that she’s been featured in the Financial Times and the New York Times.

Who is Julia Boorstin?

The actress, director, and producer Julia Boorstin has been married since 2007. The couple married in a colorful ceremony at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills. The couple is now a mother to one son, Henry Samuelson. Boorstin is active on social media but shares only information related to her professional life. Her Twitter account has over 450,000 followers. She shares photos of her son with fans.

After starting her career as a journalist at a media company, Julia Boorstin worked for CNBC’s Los Angeles Bureau. In that position, she covered media, technology, and the intersection of those two areas. Boorstin now hosts the bicoastal tech show TechCheck and writes about streaming, social media, and the convergence of these fields. She has an impressive net worth of over $194,000, which she earned through her work on tech.

Julia Boorstin Life Story

American journalist Julia Boorstin is a Senior Media & Technology Reporter for CNBC News. She joined the team in 2006 and earned the title of Senior Media & Entertainment Correspondent in 2015. Julia is an award-winning journalist who specializes in the media and entertainment industries, as well as streaming. She covers the rise of new media, content distribution, and advertising. Boorstin also reports on social media and examines the role of the web in media and entertainment.

Julia Boorstin is married to a successful American producer, William Couper Samuelson. They met at the Sundance Film Festival and married on Dec. 6, 2007. Julia and William have two children: Henry Samuelson and Ellie. She is also active on social media, and has 13k followers on Twitter. Her husband, William Couper Samuelson, is the President of Feature Films at Blumhouse Productions.

Julia Boorstin Social Media

You may have seen Julia Boorstin on social media, but do you know her real name? The social media guru grew up in Los Angeles. Her parents, Paul and Sharon, are producers and authors. Julia studied at Harvard Westlake School and Princeton College, where she graduated with a BA in history. While at Princeton, she served as an editor for the student newspaper, “The Daily Princetonian.”

After graduating in 2000, Julia Boorstin began her professional career in journalism. She worked as a business writer and news reporter for Fortune Magazine. She also contributed to CNN Headline News’ live market wrap segment. In addition to her extensive experience in social media, Julia Boorstin has a successful background in journalism. She is a member of the TJFR 30 under 30 list. Her net worth is estimated at over $800,000.

Julia Boorstin Net Worth

Julia Boorstin is an American journalist and senior media and entertainment correspondent for CNBC. She began working for CNBC in 2006 and currently earns an estimated net worth of between $200k and $1 million. Her background includes working at the State Department and Vice President Gore’s domestic policy office. Her net worth is estimated to be $300-600k, but it could be considerably higher. The net worth is based on her salary, investments, and other compensation.

Previously, Julia worked for Fortune Magazine. Later, she became a CNBC News reporter. She is also the creator of CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list and the co-host of a series called #ClosingTheGap. Julia was born in 1978 in Los Angeles. She studied at Harvard Westlake School and Princeton College, where she was an editor for the “Daily Princetonian.”

Julia Boorstin Summary

Julia Boorstin is an award-winning journalist and senior media and entertainment reporter for CNBC. Her net worth is estimated at $200k to $1 million. Julia has a background in media and technology, having worked as a member of the State Department’s delegation to the OECD and Vice President Gore’s domestic policy office. She has reported on a range of topics, including the state of media, politics, and the economy.

Julia Boorstin has been working for CNBC for six years and joined the team as a general assignment reporter in Los Angeles. She focuses on the intersection of media and technology. Julia Boorstin has also worked in Fortune Magazine and The Daily Princetonian, and has contributed to CNN’s live market wrap-up segment. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.