When you are considering going to university, there are a number of things you need to consider. Finding the right university for you depends on your particular needs. The cost, the quality of teaching, the reputation of the university and the percentage of graduates who find a job are some of the things to consider.

There are some universities you should not approach, even if they are more affordable or closer to where you live. What makes a higher education institution a bad choice?

Even though we all have our own opinions on the matter, you should check the average student debt, the return on investment over 20 years, the graduation rate, the median starting income, the annual cost and the overall ranking of the institution. 

Here are the 10 worst universities in America to absolutely avoid.

1. DeVry University

DeVry University is located in Illinois, and we have listed it as the worst university in America for 2019, as only 29% of students who enroll there graduate. The average debt load for those who graduate is $43,000. The school has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission because the information it provides to students about the likelihood of getting a job in their field after graduation is misleading. Borrowing rates are too high and graduation rates are too low. Making empty promises to students without having facts on which to base the claims can get you into trouble in the legal system, and it is best to avoid a school that is under investigation or involved in a lawsuit, because if you graduate, potential employers are unlikely to give you much credit.

2. Morris College

Morris College was founded in Sumter, South Carolina, in 1908 and is affiliated with the Baptist Church. The number of undergraduate students enrolled is 1,200 and the school is overtaken in its use of technology. The annual cost of attendance is just under $20,000, and students leave the school with an average debt load of $26,000. The median starting income is $32,300, but the graduation rate is only 29%.

3. Lindsey Wilson College

Lindsey Wilson College was founded in Columbia, Kentucky, in 1903 as a private institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The undergraduate student population is just under 2,600. The average cost of attendance is $34,235, with a median starting income for graduates of $38,500 and an average student debt load of $21,000. The graduation rate is only 31%.

4. Fayetteville State University

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this public institution is a smaller college with just under 5,400 undergraduate students. The average graduation rate is 33%. The median starting income for those who find employment after graduation is $38,000. The annual cost is approximately $13,000, with a return on investment of just $29,500 over 20 years.

5. Shaw University

North Carolina is a small school with just over 1,500 undergraduate students. What makes it one of the worst colleges in America for 2019 is a graduation rate of only 23%. Students leave with an average debt load of $28,000 and an annual cost of $24,638. The median starting income of graduates is $36,900 per year. Shaw is ranked at an appallingly low 1,774 out of 1,779 colleges in America, making it one of the six worst choices.

6. Columbia District University

This university is located in Washington, DC in the urban area. It is a public institution founded in 1976 with just under 3,900 undergraduate students. The graduation rate is only 32%, with an annual cost of $23,000 for state students and $29,600 for out-of-state students. There are no data available on return on investment, but students have an average debt load of $22,120. Students who were asked about the quality of the school indicated that if you have somewhere else to go for university, you should probably do it.

7. The University of Stratford

The University of Stratford is located in Fairfax, Virginia. Many students attend this university on a part-time basis. This makes it difficult to get a true assessment of its performance, but it has been ranked as a school with a 30% success rate. Students who graduate from Stratford University generally take much longer to complete their degree and accumulate more debt in the process. The longer it takes to graduate, the lower the likelihood of graduating.

8. Georgetown University

Georgetown University is another institution that has been placed on the list of America’s worst universities for suppressing students’ right to freedom of speech.  This has little or nothing to do with their academic prowess or the success of their students after graduation.  It has to do with their arresting students for campaigning for Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate. The college claimed that the reason for their campaign was their tax-exempt status, and they have a reputation for ignoring their own free speech policy. They have not proposed a solution to this problem, and therefore remain on the list until they can find a solution.

9. California State University at Long Beach

It is the sister institution of Cal State U of Los Angeles. It is on the list of the worst American universities because of its refusal to allow artistic expression when it is a question of race. Students who want to make a statement against racism are not allowed to do so. Students from a minority group were forced to close a room that made fun of racial stereotypes in society. This university is committed to the suppression of freedom of speech.

10. Mt. Sierra College

Ranked as one of the worst colleges in America for 2019 due to its low graduation rate. The school was established in 1990, so it has not been in existence for a very long time. It offers a variety of university courses in business and technology, but students don’t hang around to graduate. The cost is about $16,000 a year, and the school’s reputation suffers from its 6.2% pass rate, which makes employers reluctant to respect diplomas and pushes them to pass graduates in favor of those who have graduated from other schools and universities.

Best and Worst Colleges to Choose From

For some, college is one of the most exciting times of their lives. For others, it’s just a big waste of time and money. One of the biggest decisions to make before going to college, is figuring out why you want to go in the first place.

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