Colors are beautiful hues that the world is dressed in. They’re everywhere are what make our world beautiful. Our fascination with color is innate in all of us, starting at a very young age.

But colors are more than just beautiful hues around us. They can evoke emotions, convey various messages and add a special sparkle and appeal to life in general. 

It’s only natural to want to carefully select your brand or logo’s colors. After all, these colors will be associated with your company and will connect people to your brand. After all, the colors used on brands like Facebook and Instagram aren’t just the colors they are because someone randomly picked them.

Plus, you’ll want to make sure they stand out to catch the attention of your customers among all the competition around them.

Here are some helpful things to consider when choosing colors for your logo or brand design:

Yellow Is Cheery 

Yellow is a very bright color that evokes feelings of cheerfulness, optimism and happiness in general. As the color of the sun, it brings light to anything it’s used on. It’s a very rich color, which is why it’s associated with gold and treasure. Yellow will definitely stand out among the competition, so if you want to put a smile on the faces of your customer, use yellow in your logo! 

Orange Conveys Confidence

Orange is one of those colors that stands out and is underrated. It’s bright and cheerful, so it’s great for catching attention. It’s not often used and is a great way to stand out amongst all the noise in your industry. 

Red Is Exciting

If you want your brand or logo design to be exciting, red is definitely the way to go! The very powerful color is sexy, exciting, warm and begs to be seen anywhere you go. But it’s also the color of romance and blood, as well as the main color for stop signs, so it’s very bold. 

Purple Is Imaginative 

Purple is a color that’s usually associated with royalty, opulence, grandeur and mysticism. It’s easy on the eyes and activates your imagination. Brands that use purple in their design are looking to be different and majestic since the color carries a sort of wisdom to it. 

Green Is Environmentally Friendly

If you’re all about the Earth then choose green as your main color! Green is peaceful, serene and is associated with growth. It conjures up images of the planet and being environmentally friendly. 

Blue Is Dependable 

Blue is a common color and a favorite among many. It’s dependable and a powerful color that’s associated with the sky and ocean. The color evokes feelings of strength and tranquility at the same time. 

Black Is Classic

You can never go wrong with classic black! It’s simple, minimalistic and goes well with any other color!  It’s also professional and honest, but can be edgy when you need it to be. 

White Is Pure

Like black, white is a classic color that goes with everything. It’s pure and clean, making it a great pairing color for your brand’s logo!

The Colors of Branding

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to read through the meanings and emotions behind different colors used in branding and sales, think about what emotions you feel when seeing different brand logos and designs.